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Any individual can register on their own using a valid mobile number or email.

Tests Available in the Portal


Free Tests

Any user can access the tests any number of times.


Paid Tests

Users, who purchased the tests can only access the tests any number of times.

Salient features

Any registered individual can use our pre-loaded questions, video lectures and other available study materials.


Once the user entered the test page, they can able to view the “Instructions” and the entire Question paper.

During the test, “the Question Palette” on the right side of the test page of our portal shows the following.

Number of Questions Answered
Number of Questions not Answered
Number of Questions Answered & Marked for Review
Number of Questions Marked for Review
Number of Questions Not Visited

During the test also one can able to view the entire question paper.

Always students can view on the test page.

  • Marks for each question and negative marks if any
  • Countdown timer
  • View the question before or during the test
  • Can know the time left to answer the remaining questions
  • Also, Students can mark any questions for review to answer them later within the given time.
Question Cloud

Once the test is done, the scores will be sent to their registered email/mobile numbers instantly and also appeares on the screen with the performance analysis.

Students can review their performance analysis at any time once the assessments are completed.


And it's easy to use our portal since it offers user-friendly options and also one can avail the same content in Mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS.